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You can get professional looking floors with these laying carpet tips and strategies. This is made easy with the right tools, most of which can be rented.

Using a scaled drawing, determine how much carpet to buy and the best way to lay it out. Start by taking the room measurement including any bays or coves. Add several inches to the Carpet Dealers High Springs FL 32643 length of your measurement on all sides of the carpet. If you have to seam any areas, bear in mind that all major seams should lay perpendicular to the major source of daylight and not in heavy traffic areas. Use the drawing to measure out the tackless stripping and mats to cover the floor. This should be the square footage High Springs FL 32643 of the room plus a couple extra feet.

When buying tackless stripping, test it to make sure that the nails are an appropriate length. You should be able to feel the small pins with your feet, but they should not be long enough to prick you. When laying down the tackless stripping, make sure the pins are angled towards the wall.

Laying Carpet Dealers High Springs FL 32643 the Carpet

Make sure the floors are clean, and remove any quarter-round moldings. Lay your stripping first, bring them about 1/8 inch from the wall. The strips should be placed around the entire room, except for in front of doorways. Insert the padding between the strips and either staple it if you have wood floors, or use an adhesive on concrete. High Springs FL 32643 Make a rough cut on the carpet, giving yourself several inches on each side. Lay the carpet out and tuck the excess into the corners, so that the carpet lays flat.

If you need to seam, overlay the edges of the carpet by 1 inch. Use a row-running knife to cut the bottom layer. Use a seaming iron and hot melt High Springs FL 32643 seaming tape to press the edges together.

A knee kicker is used to anchor the carpet at two adjacent walls. If you have a power stretcher, use it to work the carpet into the two walls. If you cannot get a power stretcher, use the knee kicker to work the carpet between the opposite walls. Use a hammer to stick the High Springs FL 32643 carpet to the tackless stripping. Use a knife to trim off the excess carpet, and tuck all the edges behind the stripping. A metal edging should be used at doorways to secure the carpet. You are now all done. Now you can put the quarter round moldings back up, or replace them with new moldings.

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