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The comfortable feel of soft carpet is great in any climate, but where it’s hot and humid much of the year, special considerations need to be taken into account.

Short & Soft Fibers Are Best

Shaggy carpets can be cozy in snowy places, but they are simply too much in hot weather. Instead, choose a uniform weave with soft, short fibers. This type of coverage will look Carpet Dealers Centralia IL 62801 and feel better under your feet. It will also last longer since shorter fibers and a denser weave hold up much better to traffic and are less prone to matting. Feel free to ask the specialists at a flooring shop what materials are more durable in hotter climates.

For your next carpet installation, consider a light color to create the impression of being in cooler temperatures. Centralia IL 62801 Also, you may want to install carpeting in parts of your home, such as your bedrooms and family room, while opting for other choices in other rooms. A cool tile or a wood-style composite floor works especially well in kitchens and bathrooms. A mixture of flooring can add even greater value and comfort to your home.

Avoid Excessive Moisture

In places that experience primarily hot weather, carpet Carpet Dealers Centralia IL 62801 installation needs to be done by highly skilled technicians. That’s because heat and humidity are unfriendly to carpets. Since fibers and padding tend to hold in moisture, ongoing damp conditions will create problems in the case of improper installations. Nobody wants to deal with mold or mildew. Make sure to hire experienced installers who know what they’re doing.

Especially near windows and patio doors, it’s important Centralia IL 62801 to make sure the outside humid and stormy weather doesn’t make it inside. Keep your doors and windows closed during rainstorms or on high-humidity days. Avoiding excessive moisture will prolong the life of your new carpets.

Caring for your New Flooring

There are several things you can do to keep your carpet installation looking fresh and new for a long time. First of all, make sure to Centralia IL 62801 clean up any spills immediately. Use a stain remover, if needed. Also, dampen any excess liquid with a sponge before it settles into the fiber and padding. Even though quality materials today are more stain resistant than ever, it’s still better to clean up a spill right away to avoid discoloration in the future. And it’s preferable to blot rather than scrub.

Also, gently vacuum your Centralia IL 62801 floors frequently. A professional steaming performed periodically is a good idea. Be sure to move furniture so that the areas under sofas, beds, dressers, and other large items also get cleaned.

With the proper care, your new floor will stay looking great for years to come, whatever the climate may be in your part of the world!

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